Technicolor Angst

12 min 16 sec • Animation, Comedy, Drama, Music

Our heroine and Stella are best friends foreva, discussing global politics and how they’re gonna deal with it. That is till Stella gives the deuces and a basic bitch moves in – with all the strain and all the pain, will rage consume our heroine?


Two bad bitches live in a psychedelic funhouse of their own design, during the apocalyptic period of the present day, and spend their time raging and philosophizing about the current state of the world. Until one of them decides to leave. The remaining bad bitch gets a new roommate, a basic bitch, who is unconcerned with humanity’s looming dark fate. As the basic’s every word and action unhinges our heroine and makes her pine for her absent bestie, can she hang on to being kind with an apocalyptic mind?

director’s statement

When Llyn Stransky and I started this project in 2011, we had something very different in mind. Our dream project was going to be called Nakey Apron, and it was going to be the Greatest on Earth.

The Funhouse, our set for the unwritten masterpiece in our minds, Nakey Apron – our theoretical webseries for which we passionately spent all our time and money building and painting – was going to center around Sprite (Llyn) and Ketchup (me), best friends from the version of the future when humanity gets everything right. They live in a cooperative, anarchist community, eat a healthy vegan diet, and are the happy beneficiaries of a peaceful, bountiful world. But they are haunted by the specter of the version of the future for which the world may be on course now, a slave-master society where it isn’t safe to go outside because the skies are always raining acid. Their mission is to find a way to communicate with the past to protect their present.

Sadly, before we were able to realize this dream, we were summarily evicted, as the owners had sold the building. We were given one month to get out, which we were just able to stretch to three. Nakey Apron wasn’t ready. Unwilling to let our two years of work on

– Ketchup Freeland